On July 6, 2018 “THE EXPERIENCE” album has been released.

Distributed worldwide by Musea Parallèle and available on CD, Vinyl and digital download.

It includes 6 instrumental tracks with lead parts played by Flute, Minimoog (both played by Daniele Sorrenti, also with Semiramis, new entry) and lead guitar.

Special guests Marco Rovinelli on drums and Fabrizia Pandimiglio on cello (on track “Breathing Flower”). Artwork by Leonardo Poscia.

“THE EXPERIENCE” is an instrumental concept album telling the journey of Galbat, an imaginary entity coming from an immaterial space, who decides to explore our physical world.
Tracks are linked by environmental noises, which leads the listener through the experiential journey of Galbat, during his discovery of an unknown world.

Leggi la storia (italiano) – PDF

Read the story (english) – PDF